‌‌6 Anklet Styles to Give You Perfect Look

What bracelets are for your wrists, so are anklets for your ankles. Anklets are becoming increasingly popular with fashionistas around the globe. Anklets are the only pieces of jewelry loved by both categories of women-traditional and contemporary. Those who are closer to the cultural roots go for anklets known as “Payals”. Those who are modern and futuristic in outlook go for the single fine chains with an added glitz like a sparkling stone or brilliant colors and off-the-wall charms.

Anklet styles are as diverse as bracelets. They are generally sold in identical sets. Let us look at the various style of anklets which will set your fashion sense in rhythm.

Metallic Anklets:

Metallic anklets are classic and always in vogue. Metallic anklets are usually made of precious metals like gold or silver. They go well with something contemporary like pencil jeans and can add an elegance to your style if worn with Indian ethnic wear like sarees.You can overlay any other type of anklets with metallic anklets to make your own one of a kind style.

Anklets 1
Single Chain Gold Anklet 

Beaded Anklets:

Beaded anklets are flexible and can be found in the most vibrant shades. They are sometimes made with flexible elastic so that it is easy to put them on. You can either pick beads that match your chosen outfit or get beads in basic bright colors to complement with all shades of clothing.They look perfect with that summer dress of yours which can make heads turn.

Traditional Anklets:

Traditional anklets are also known as payal and are an important part of a bride’s ensemble. A wedding attire is incomplete without traditional payals. They are made from Kundan or precious stones in gold or silver finish. Sometimes the finish could be two tone to up the look. These traditional anklets are generally broad and multi layered to give them a heavy look that matches the bridal wear.

Traditional Anklet with semi precious stones and two tone finish. Image Courtesy: Benzerworld

String Anklets:

If you wish to go rebel and chose something other than gold and silver then string anklets are the ones for you. They can be decorated with a couple of beads and stones. You can braid the strings to get a unique and multi colored look.

Leather Anklets:

Leather anklets are made up of leather, partially or wholly. Leather is reasonably priced and lasts longer. Some women also love the faded leather look adding to the functionality that the leather anklets provide while giving one more reason to choose leather over metal. Besides they can be made yourself with the help of DIY sites.

Tribal Anklets/Retro Anklets:

Tribal anklets/retro anklets can be made from metal or fabric. They exhibit tribal or retro patterns through materials like coins,shells,buttons or beads. Blending these anklets with a dark shaded attire like rusted orange, dark green, deep purple gives a distinctive look that sets you apart in the crowd.

Retro Anklet
Retro Anklet

The “Payals” or traditional anklets are flaunted in ceremonies like weddings, sangeet or mehndi. You can find an awesome collection of traditional anklets at www.benzerworld.com. The super slim singleton anklets go well with party dresses, short dresses, and denim pants and hence serve as an accessory to semi-formal attire or party wear.

The colors and appeal of all types of anklets are still considered to be a major charm among the fashion savvy crowd of the town.Anklets are a wonderful accessory that adds an aura of style and elegance to your stride. Complete your ensemble while wearing these wonderful anklet designs and make yourself noteworthy in a room full of crowd.



Classy Evening Wear for Men

With a commendable rise in evening events, Formal evening dress has become inevitable in a man’s wardrobe. It is a clothing standard that is suitable for formal occasions as weddings, formal courtyard gatherings, meals or cocktail parties. Evening attire was derived out of inevitability to dress classy on formal events and is here to stay. Here I outline the essential guidelines for an expressive look to sport during the progression from day to night.

Suits for the Gentlemen:
Black tie is a dinner dress code sometimes referred to as dinner jackets, dress for dinner. in U.S.A., it is popularly referred to as tuxedo though some etiquette writers believe that only single-breasted jackets are appropriately called tuxedos. Wear a dark suit or tuxedo; suggestively because these suits are made to steal the show. The tuxedo must be a two-piece dark suit. Midnight blue suit might be one of the options if you would like to flash fashion in the most stylish way. The suit must have a one catch pocket that is tailored well and the front and back cuts should be the same length. They are to have facings of silk, satin or grosgrain.
Shirts to fit in:
Keep the shirts plain yet classy. Strong shading is the simplest alternative; however, pale chequered shirts are also proper provided that the suit isn’t patterned. You can even wear a dark shirt with absence of a tie. What’s most vital is that your clothing apparel should be free of speckles, fresh and decently pressed.
Shoes for suiting your style:
Pair it well with black or dark brown shoes. Then again, if you need something that puts forth a marginally greater persona, you can try strap or boat shoes. Loafers might likewise be an adequate footwear decision, as long as they are adhere to the formal range of footwear style.

Accessorize the right way:
You can generally ditch the tie at weekend party occasions, however at most formal events it is still a prerequisite. Right accessory with your evening attire is your chance to get somewhat more creative and up your ante. If you have decided to select a basic shirt and suit, you can strive for a bolder striped tie. Now is the time to crack out one of your nicer belts. Invest in a reasonable leather belt that looks modern and adds a bit of classy tone to your dressing style. Lastly team it up with cotton socks which can be calf length and also complement your trouser and other areas of your outfit.

Jodhpuri Suits And Sherwani -Show your Ethnic Style

Jodhpuri Suits and Sherwani are Indian Ethnic Wear for Men. They are known to be greatly rich and enchanting. One of the finest in style, Jodhpuri suits and Sherwani highlight the general appearance of any man. This exemplary Indian clothing is about style as well as a modern approach.

Jodhpuri is a joint coat which has a Nehru jackets styled neckline. It is paired with trouser, churidar or breech pants. Sherwani generally refers to the ideal native Indian clothing style donned for wedding alongside various gatherings.
The top in a jodhpuri or sherwani is embroidered with elegant weaving and the detailing gives a regal look to the whole attire. The fabric is chosen to suit individual style and different colour schemes to suit various complexion and skin types are available. Jodhpuri suits or Sherwani suits are made of diverse materials and can be bought in a variety of patterns and styles. A very reputable brand where you can buy these craft pieces is http://www.benzerworld.com/

Men who wear Jodhpuri suits/Sherwani put forth a stylish display of expressions. Men who prefer western influence in addition to the Indian style, have a savior in Jodhpuri suits. The perfect blend of cultures makes it the right choice for those who love fusion. For someone invariably in love with the whole concept of traditionalism, Sherwani is the way to go. As far as shopping is concerned, odds are that most men with an average build will easily find readymade suits. There is also an option of suits getting altered relying upon your body type and the comfort level you desire. The well crafted look with this clothing style is prone to make you the centre of attraction at the event.

Jodhpuri Suits and Sherwani could be adorned further with wedding accessories for men like pearl necklaces and brooches. Turbans and mojari add further elegance to the ensemble and complete the regal look.
Jodhpuri suits or sherwanis can be found all over the place as they have become quite popular in recent times not just within Asia but globally. However online shopping can make the task of shopping easier. Veterans that provide a plethora of style options have their presence online. Some of the brands have captured the essence of true traditional Indian ethnic wear making it an irresistible option to shop one jodhpuri or sherwani with just a click
Gift yourself exemplary style with Jodhpuri suits and Sherwani which will enhance your style quotient and elevate it to the royal class.

Shapes And Prints That Rule The Semi Formal Scene

Semi formal is the grey area of dressing. The lines are blurred and the set of rules get as vague and ambiguous as can be. Semi formal dressing, though not as strict as formal dressing, still calls for adherence to some rules. Semi formal dressing is not casual dressing and hence the colors are solid and the shapes softened. In the last post we hashed out the details of shapes that ruled the casual scene. In this post, we do the same for semi formal attire.

For men, semi formal attire generally means dark suit with a tie. While for women it means cocktail dress. In the normal fashion scenario, the term semi formal might be diminutive but it has larger implications.

In an Indian scenario, Formal is the “Five day” (working days) dressing while semi formal usually refers to the “Friday” dressing. While people are working on Friday, the whole energy and mood is revolving around the anticipation of approaching week end. Everyone’s a little more casual and in a mood of partying but since the workplace cannot be completely lenient there is a dress code which maintains rules while allowing room for fun and funk. This exactly is the “Friday” semi formal dressing.

The most common shapes that rule the semi formal arena are:


Though checks are popular in formal too, here they can get bright and bold. Checks in semi formal have more prominent colors and are designed to make you stand out from the crowd on Fridays. You can get a bunch of awesome semi formals at http://oxemberg.com/

Semi Formal Shirt With Checks
Semi Formal Shirt With Checks


Stripes like checks are subtle in formal and loud in semi formal. The main difference lies in the thickness of the lines. While formal shirts have thin light colored lines, semi formals are occupied with thick contrasting lines with bright colors.

Geometrical/Funky  shapes:

Interplay of geometrical shapes is common in semi formal shirts and renders the shirts a chic look while some shirts take a single shape and spread it all over to give a subtly funky look.

Semi Formal Shirt Designed With Spectacles
Semi Formal Shirt Designed With Spectacles



Women are allowed floral prints in their semi formal dressing, if the whole appearance is neat and subtle. Men who wish to flaunt floral need to do so on casual events and not semi formal ones.

Stars and Dots:

Some prints are eternally popular and look nice without making the outfit too loud. The stars and dots are two examples of such prints. They accentuate the outfit without attracting undue attention and are appropriate on semi formal dress as they render the dress the right amount of zing without going overboard.

Semi Formal Shirt
Chic Semi Formal Shirt With Highlighted Cuffs And Collar

Color Play:

The collars can be the highlight of a semi formal shirt though it isn’t exactly due to shapes of patterns but due to a contrasting color. The cuff can also be of made of a bolder color. But there can be piping along the cuff to highlight the area and add some prominence to it.

Avoid the bright neon colors in semi formal dressing as they are too loud and are not appropriate as semi formal dressing. Also stay away from large prints whether floral or geometrical. Keep those loud shapes for your lazy and crazy fun filled evening with friends.

Shapes And Prints That Rule The Casual Shirts Scene

Men’s shirts are the one kind of clothing wear that has diverse looks and styles to suit every event or ordinary look. Apart from work wear, casual wear, gathering wear or formal wear these types of printed shirts have been in the exemplary spotlight for long.A men’s closet needs numerous sorts of shirts, which are a unique collection and an indication of his style quotient. His collection mainly includes formal shirts and casual shirts. Formal scene is ruled by plain shirts in mostly soft or solid colors. The casual shirts are the ones where men can get experimental.

Prints And Shapes In Casual Shirts
Prints And Shapes In Casual Shirts

Casual Shirts range from simple to funky based on the pattern or shapes. The simple ones just have a cuff and collar that is in a contrasting color often intended to make the cuffs and collar stand out. There are polo shirts, the Henley rugby shirts and sweat shirts in the simple category too which are easy to select as they comprise of basic and standard patterns. The funky ones could include anything from floral prints to Hawaiian prints.

Let’s look at some of the Casual Shirt Styles that have been keeping men busy to flaunt their style at optimum.


Checked Shirts are a wardrobe staple that rises in demand at regular intervals and never fully go out of style. Casual checks-shirts can be carried off on almost every occasion. Well-fitted shirts with smart denims or chinos are good to be carried at casual office lunches or evening family get-together. Checkered Shirt is the one which are the sober ones from the lot and you can find those at http://oxemberg.com/

Checkered Shirts
Checkered Shirts

Lining Shirt: 

Lining Shirts are the ones in which vertical and horizontal lines are introduced. They give an ultimate edge to a man wearing the shirts with less of a style introduced. The vertical lining and horizontal ones also goes par with the chequered shirt. As they come in all sorts of design they can be chosen over what occasion to wear accordingly. Such Shirts are best for dinner dates and after-parties.

Printed Shirts:

Although men are not inclined towards experimenting with the vague styles, they can sometimes try an out-of-the-way look. Here’s where the printed shirts come into picture. These shirts include rust print, ditsy print, tropical print, polka dots, camo and paint print shirt. The polka dots and the paisley print shirts are the popular ones since a long time.

Printed Shirts
Printed Shirts

 Abstract Print Shirts:

Men are bound to be stylish when they have a masculine reputation to carry. So, they can vary their styles according to their persona. When going out to an exotic location or beach side, abstract prints is the number one choice for men as it can go with the aura of the location. Abstract shorts are the distinct prints which are very catchy and seem modern too.

If you don’t like to experiment and keep it simple, you can opt for linings and checkered. If you feel an urge to move away from the basics, sprinkle your look with a bit of pop and whimsy with the help of printed shirts. Invest in some classy pattern shirts for men to wear just for any events or occasions and make your presence felt with a tinge of style statement.

Fashion Guide for Different Body Shapes

Since I have made my obsession for shapes much obvious in the previous posts, people following this blog will not be surprised at the topic of this particular blog post. This blog post speaks of major body shapes and fashion tips and tricks to look good whichever shape you are.

The primary motive for looking great in your fashion apparel is to be informed about your particular body sort and implement assured design tips appropriately. Not all patterns, outlines, complexion, and fabrics complement each figure. So it’s vital to have the capability to keep away from style that doesn’t do your figure any good and embrace the one that enhances your curves and highlights the right parts of your body.

While it might be thrilling to purchase a dress for the figure you’ve dreamt of, the truth of the matter is that you must have to dress in an ideal way imaginable. Seemingly, all ladies have an area on their body which is flawed; but remember that even the problem area of your body can be dressed to look really pleasant by picking the right apparel for the body type.

Different Body Shapes
Different Body Shapes

There are a few kinds of body type blends; there are four fundamental sorts that all women fall into somehow. They are:

Apple Shape:

This body shape suggests that you have a wide upper body as compared to the lower body. The shoulders are wide and the bust is heavy as compared to thinner arms and legs. This body category additionally fails to possess a characterized hip line. You are at a benefit with this body shape as you can easily flaunt tops with deep plunging neck lines or top with narrow bodices. Avoid skin tight bottoms as those will make your legs appear thinner. Instead go for denims with back pockets or A line skirts.

Suggestions For Pear Shaped Body
Suggestions For Pear Shaped Body

Pear Shape:

This particular shape can be called the opposite of the former apple shaped body by design. Whilst apple shaped body has a more prominent upper body, pear shaped body is characterized by a prominent lower body. The waist region is distinguished and little than broader thigh zone, while the abdominal area dons a little bust, arms, and long neck. With this body type, your aim should be to elongate your body contour. For maximum effect wear solid colors at the bottom and accentuate the upper half with embellished tops featuring vibrant designs and bright colors.

Suggestions For Hour Glass Shaped Bodies
Suggestions For Hour Glass Shaped Bodies

Hourglass Shape:

Broadly perceived as the perfect body sort, standard figures are emphasized by a little waist territory in examination to their hip/thigh locale. The bust region can be both normal and the average size. For the most part, this body sort is curvy everywhere. Dim tones act in the favor too and will plot your shape, yet they will thin you down as opposed to giving the hallucination of curves. This particular body shape can really handle striking prints and dresses or gowns as against denims.

Cornet/Tube Shape:

This is the type of peculiar body that is normally seen in Athletes and ramp models. Known as the men’s figure, this body sorts have thin hips, thighs and waist zones. The back zone needs bends and the bust has a tendency to be on the littler side. Color palates like white, ivory, cream, light pink, canary yellow and child blue could undoubtedly make your lower body seem bigger. The curves of this body sort should be highlighted, so any fabric that is structure fitting is complementing.

The best styling tip would be to love your body shape. If you don’t accept your natural body shape, no fashion tip can help you accentuate your unique beauty. Don’t obsess over having a “perfect” body. Just being comfortable in your own shape will bring awesome results. Till we meet next time, keep experimenting with fabrics, colors, and styles to come up with looks that are fresh and flattering.

Clutch Bags: Shapes You Carry In Your Palm

We have always been associating fat with obesity and the lumps and tucks in our body. Let’s take a different perspective today. Let’s talk about Fashion Architecture and Taste, the acronym of which comes to being FAT. Fashion and Architecture reflect the same culture; they elevate aesthetics and appearance; and of course they both have a functional purpose. Regardless of their differences in size, shape, scale, materials; they both fulfil the human need of comfort. Today we will explore something that is crafted with basic shapes and lends an appeal to the whole attire if donned rightly. Fashion Accessories inspired by geometric shapes which is popularly named aaah yes; you guessed it right Clutch Bags!!!

They are the most prominent accessories inspired by shapes. They come in all shapes starting from basic geometric shapes like rectangle, square, and ovals, evolving to shapes like heart, rhombus, crescent, boat, hexagon and some more strange shapes like fish, butterfly, teapot, birds and more.

Clutch Bags In Most Basic Geometry Shapes
Clutch Bags In Most Basic Geometry Shapes

Why do women carry clutch bags as against normal handbags? As an architect I am always looking for benefits derived out of designs. Clutch bags being my favorites, I soon came up with an idea of enumerating a few benefits of clutch bags which made them more preferred as compared to handbags.


Clutch bags easily slip into your palm. They are roomy enough to carry your essentials like cell, money, keys, cosmetics or medicines. Designers and Luxury Brands are crafting priggish, stylish clutches that can carry a mini wallet inside them making them functional and fashionable at the same time. While shoulder bags are stylish and cross body slings are comfortable, clutch bags are hands on and are hence trending. The trick to buy a clutch bag is to buy one which isn’t too structured so that it creates enough space for your belongings.

Glamour Quotient:

As it is famously quoted ‘Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder’ but you never know what the beholder might be observing. It isn’t only the inner beauty that matters but also the whole attire. So, let’s play safe. These small clutch bags perfectly bind your entire look and add an extra touch of completion making you look glamorous. Clutch bags designed by noted designers serve as style statements on their own. Remember girls, one who leaves a trail of glamour is never forgotten.

Ultra Glamorous Lips-Shaped Clutch Bag
Ultra Glamorous Lips-Shaped Clutch Bag

Great companion for party:

Clutch bag is a perfect accessory to grab for a party! Going in a party with a big handbag is a not a cool idea at any point of time. Carrying a clutch bag will limit you to essentials letting you move freely. You will never find any accessory as apposite and pertinent as a clutch bag while attending those fainéant parties where you just roam casting your stylish spell around. Find some good pieces at http://www.benzerworld.com/

Avoids unnecessary clutter:

You can avoid ‘another’ bag in a bag. A well designed clutch bag keeps a check on your hoarding desires. You are naturally forced to keep your belongings in the clutch bags to bare essentials leaving out all the unnecessary items at bay. It serves as a guard for your money avoiding a square handbag, a cubic make-up kit box for your beauty products or bag for your essentials; medicines, bills, credit cards et cetera. You don’t need to fumble to get your essentials out.

Designer Wedding Clutch Bag
Designer Wedding Clutch Bag


If you have a clutch bag with light design and pattern you can carry it anywhere around with you to any function, college, dinners, dates, long drives or even when attending a reception or marriage ceremony. There are clutch bags with and without chains, straps, wristlets, handles etc. You just have to take your pick and look great thereafter…..